Selected Publications
Babak Lotfaliei, 2018, "Asset Variance Risk Premium and Capital Structure"Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (JFQA), Published online (DOI)

Babak Lotfaliei, 2018, "Zero Leverage and The Value in Waiting to Issue Debt*"Journal of Banking and Finance (JBF), Vol. 97, Pages 335-349, ISSN 0378-4266, DOI

Other Publications:
Kim, Jaemin, and Babak Lotfaliei, Debt Recapitalization and Value in Waiting to Finance a Project, Operations Research Letters (ORL), Accepted and forthcoming (Linkreplication codes)
Brinks, Stephen, Kamal Haddad, Babak Lotfaliei, and Timothy Trombley, A Synthesis of Capital Budgeting Techniques Around the World: 1990-2018, Quarterly Journal of Finance and Accounting (QJFA), Accepted and forthcoming
Haddad, Kamal, and Babak Lotfaliei, 2019, Trade-Off Theory And Zero Leverage, Finance Research Letters (FRL),Vol.31, Pages 165-170, (Link, Replication link)
Lundberg, Clark, and Babak Lotfaliei, 2019, Finite-Horizon Zero-Leverage Firms, Applied Economics Letters (RAEL), (Link, Online appendix link)
Lotfaliei, Babak, 2018, The Variance Risk Premium And Capital Structure, European Systematic Risk Board (ESRB), Working paper No. 70, March, Impact factor 2.08, (Link)